Hi I’m Tracie and it’s no secret I love Fashion. I’ve worked in the fashion industry since I was 16 years old and I love building relationships, helping women feel beautiful, confident and empowered. Each woman has a story and helping her create that story is what Sonoran Rose is all about.

A Little Background

In 2006 I opened Club Tan Salon and Boutique in Buckeye Arizona. Introducing boutique fashions into my tanning salon was just the beginning. A few years later I partnered with my friends at Grungy Galz boutique in Goodyear and began offering our fashions there as well.

My ultimate dream was to open a full boutique and in December 2021 Sonoran Rose opened its doors in the Palm Valley Marketplace shopping center in Goodyear.

How did I come up with the name Sonoran Rose?

Tracie - Sonoran Rose Boutique
Rose 2

Theodota Rose

Each Woman’s Story

She is a legacy of family tradition. she is beauty, she is grace, an American original whose memory blooms in the desert like an explosion of fresh wildflowers after a welcome spring rain.

Hummingbirds sip sweet nectar from cactus blossoms in the warm summer eve as a crimson-red sun slowly sets in the Western sky.

High above the sunset, puffy dark clouds are painted with ribbons of turquoise and gold, precious as our memories of her unconditional love and never-ending strength

This is the story of a remarkable woman named Theodota Rose my amazing mother. Her unbreakable spirit flows through me with every beat of my heart

In My Story, In Your Story, In Each Woman’s Story, she is LOVE, She is PASSION, She is INSPIRATION, She is the …

The Sonoran Rose

The Back Story

It all started with an incredible woman. She was a wife, a mother to nine children, the matriarch of a small family business who always made sure no one was left out. In her home, everyone was welcome to a hot meal and meaningful conversation. Acceptance, Love, and Compassion nourished our souls as her famous chili and scratch made chocolate cake filled our tummies.

Should you ask her opinion on something be prepared as no truer words spoken anywhere, cultivated over a lifetime, were delivered with frankness and Honesty. No filters here, outside of those in the coffee pot. While not for a loss of words, She never complained, even while battling terminal cancer. She held her head high, with a smile and dignity. She never stumbled, she never surrendered. She lived her life with courage and strength, always on her own terms, even in her final days before standing in the glorious presence of our Father.

That amazing woman was Theodota Rose and I am the youngest of those nine children. My parents were true American entrepreneurs with a genuine love and appreciation of the community which supported them. Today, I feel so blessed being able to fulfill my dream and open “Sonoran Rose”, a tribute to my mother and father.

Welcome to Sonoran Rose...

Let’s create your story