Candle Store | Goodyear, AZ

When you think fashion, you may not think of candles, but at Sonoran Rose Boutique we appreciate the empowering effect an enchanting scent can have on your day. A beautiful smell can inspire a beautiful look. Not only is a vivacious scented candle an excellent muse to a routine wardrobe rummage but they make great gifts and can also hugely boost your mood.

Candle Store in Goodyear
Scented Candle Store in Goodyear

Candle Shop

Looking for the perfect gift for your great-aunt but don't have a clue what she'd like? A candle would do nicely. Or maybe you're preparing for a cozy night in and just need that little something to make the room feel homey. Don't hesitate to toss in that warm vanilla-scented candle along with the new blouse or one piece you just picked out from our store.

Our candle shop is stocked with an assortment of fragrances. From the dainty and refined to the fruity and seasonal, we have you covered. In store, you'll find our select candles arranged among our clothes and jewelry because they're just as popular as our fashion items. Let the sweet and fresh aromas of our scented candles fill your home and create a relaxing atmosphere you'll want to cultivate again and again.

Candle Shop in Goodyear
Candle Store in Goodyear, AZ
Candle Shop in Goodyear, AZ

Scented Candles

As soon as you pop the lids to our signature Sonoran Rose scents you won't be able to put them down until you bring at least one of them with you to the checkout cart. Not to mention, the fragrances in our candles are as unique as their names. With candle names like "Go Shawty It's Yo' Birthday" and "Girl, You Need to Calm the F Down," the aromas won't be the only things that have you smiling. Scented candles never smelled so good.

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